Serving a community of individuals who are committed to growing, loving and sharing. Who are full of gratitude, who strive for inner peace and contentment and allow their light to shine so bright it can light their own path as well as illuminate the way for others.  Join us.

Here are some testimonials from some of the beautiful girls that attended our very first Confidently Beautiful group mentoring.

“I learned so much! I loved it. I learned to be happy with myself and that I have so much worth.”

“I loved the confidence it made me feel. This made me decide to be happy.”

“I learned how to be confident and love myself.”

“I really liked having Melissa (Keynote speaker) come and Tyler Funk. I really loved her music. I also loved learning how to flip negative to positive and the meditations.”

“I loved this so much! Before this I had a very hard time. I kind of forgot how to feel. Then you talked about meditation and I remembered again. You reminded me how to be happy and turn things positive. I cannot express my gratitude for you guys. You have helped me so much and I loved this program so much! I love you guys with all my heart.”cb-1-group-photo

Confidently Beautiful Testimonials